How to Get the Perfect Male Body

perfect men body

Do you know about the Adonis Golden Ratio? It has to do with ideal male body proportions. Generally speaking, most women will vote for the fit and athletic look over big, beefy or even the very muscular. We are talking mainstream here and just what statistics have shown based on a large pool of women voting. Regardless of that – what

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How Hormones Cause Muffin Top in Women

muffin top fat

Sadly, this scenario is happening to women more and more … You slip on your awesome new skinny jeans that flatter your shapely legs, enhance the sexy curve of your booty – but then, OH NO… Turning to view your side you see your jeans fit perfectly except for the muffin top spilling over your waistband Welcome to muffin top misery.

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Jillian Micheals Body Revolution Review

weight loss tips for women

Like many others looking to find solid plan to lose weight and get into shape, Jillian Michaels Body Revolution is one that you’ve thought about. This DVD set does go beyond her old 30 Day Shred workout, plus it offers up a comprehensive diet plan for optimizing weight loss. But is it really enough? Now listen… you probably have some

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Core Workout in 3 Killer Moves


You are about to see a flat stomach workout designed to whip your abdominals into shape from every angle. This circuit training routine will tighten your upper abs, the oh-so-difficult to hit lower abs and also your obliques (aka: muffin top or love handle area). Your ENTIRE CORE will get strengthened and sculpted in just 3 moves! And don’t beat yourself

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How To Lose Tummy Fat With These 12 Foods

burn fat spinach

Strip Away Abdominal Fat with Help from These 12 Belly Bulge Burning Foods Before getting to the 12 foods that will help you get the flat abs you so desire, you first need to know that you don’t need to starve yourself. And don’t worry, you can also have some of your favorite things once in a while, included as a reward meal

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