The Best Ways to Burn Fat

Are You Making the Best Choices for Losing Belly Fat?

If you are not sure, then now is the time to:

  • Make Better Food Choices for Effective Fat Loss
  • Lose Fat From Your Abs Area and Improve Your Shape Using The Right Exercises
  • Feel Better With Improved Health and Expereince More Energy

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Everything I post is with the goal to provide easy advice that will make a real impact in your life.

I want you to be able to make food witout hiring a chef and to perform exercises without the need of a personal trainer.

Discover the Best Ways to Shred off Belly Fat Faster & Forever

best way to lose belly fat

Every year there are countless new weight loss plans, belly fat pills, appetite suppressing supplements and workout plans.

So how do you sort through all of those options?

Having so much choice makes it tougher to sort through them all when a bunch of questions are also floating around in your head, like:

Which are the best weight loss programs?

Which workout system is the most suitable for you?

Do any of the those fat burner pills actually DO what they promise? And are any of them unsafe?

I know just how hard it is to move forward when all those questions are holding you back.

That’s why I am providing you with the information you need to find the most reputable products and also share my best fat loss and fitness tips to help you reach your body image goal.

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But just how far away are you from being that ideal size you want?

Calculate Your Body Mass Index (BMI) Before Trying to Lose Fat

Do you have a healthy BMI?

Is your current weight healthy?

How many calories should you target to remain at a healthy weight or to lose some?

Use this cool little calculator below to get the answers to those questions.

Once you enter all your info, click the submit button then click on each tab:

  • BMR (basic metabolic weight)
  • BMI (body mass index)
  • IBW (ideal body weight).

You can use this data to help you know how much weight to target to be healthy, and what calorie level to aim for to lose/maintain weight.

Now – if the calculator indicated you should lose weight, read on!

What you will find here on this site are the tips and tricks I’ve used myself. Things which I found have worked and things I am still learning about.

After all, losing the excess inches and getting leaner isn’t the end.  You need to learn know how to maintain it. I never stop learning!


What you’ll find here on Lose Belly Fat ~ Be Ripped

I’m sharing my best tips for things like:

I keep learning about healthy fat loss and maintenance because the last thing I want is to end up yo-yo dieting.

Bad move.

Better to adapt and make changes that will allow you to lose the excess belly fat forever.

That doesn’t have to mean suffering.

I can tell you that starving and depriving yourself is NOT THE WAY to lose fat of any kind.

I eat really well and I maintain my fat loss.

In fact, I eat FATTY foods. And sweets. And meat!!!

The trick is to eat enough to keep your metabolism stoked without over-eating. Also to substitute some of your favorite ‘bad’ foods with satisfying choices that will allow your body to release the fat.

You’ll feel better and happier once you make the right adaptations and get used to living a better-for-you lifestyle.


Once you do, you’ll find:

  • You’ll have more energy
  • You’ll look better in your clothing
  • You’ll avoid diseases like high blood pressure or diabetes
  • Your self-confidence will be boosted
  • Your mood will improve

Hey, I could go on and on about the benefits … but you’re no dummy!

You must already realize there are a million reasons why you need to lose the bad belly fat forever which is why you found your way here.

best way to lose belly fatYou’re looking for THE answer.

Well, we are not all made exactly the same. Just like our finger prints, every human being’s body is a little bit different and will react differently to foods, supplements and exercise. So the solution for each person will vary to some degree.

There’s NO one-size-fits-all remedy that is 100% perfect.

Actually, I’ve learned that there are many ways to lose stomach and excess body fat which work – are healthy – are lasting.


So if you decide to follow the suggestions and my advice here on this site, there’s probably a 75% chance you will get the results you want and need.

And you’ll eventually figure out the little adjustments you need to make for YOU.

Since there are some problems which are specific to gender, so I’ve researched and written certain articles just to help Women and just to help Men.

Be sure to sure to check those out.


Further down this page are links to the Feature Articles and along the side you’ll find more article links including my reviews for the weight loss products.

However, if you have some medical condition(s) your case might be more complicated and you’ll require guidance and advice from your family doctor or even a specialist.

If your body is dealing with bigger problems and issues – you need to address those in tandem with losing weight.


The Truth About Fitness Supplements & Diet Pills

Reading up on your different options is a great idea, not just so you’ll spend your money more wisely, but so you will choose what will be the best fit for your situation.

Not all fat burners are evil!


Take into consideration your personal preferences and just be honest with yourself when you are looking at how to use a product.

I don’t suggest that you depend 100% on diet pills to lose the fat.

That’s a recipe for fat loss failure – in the long term. You need to set yourself up with knowing how to eat & exercise properly.

Working out your abs the right way will create beautiful, firm muscle but you will never see the shape, feel firm or have the flattest belly possible until you lose enough of the fat that is covering it up.


So the VERY 1st THING to do is to learn about the eating side of things. That’s 80% of the success factor.

And by going through all the articles here, you’ll learn about ab training equipment and ways to burn belly fat.  After all – you really need to do both the fat loss with some exercise to have a great looking mid-section.

And one more thing…

When you scroll further down this page, you will find a link to hop over to my Freebie page where I offer a few free downloads.

From there you can grab some free ebooks – and there’s no need to sign up for anything! Just download them, read the info and follow the advice.

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I hope you’ll take advantage of all the information I have learned and shared here so far. The most important thing will be to put it into action.

Only you can make it happen for you.

So be good to your body and you will be so happy and grateful once you start getting results.

YOU ARE WORTH THE STRUGGLE… so read up and then just go do it!