Abdominal Fat Loss Truths

Here’s The Truth About Stubborn Belly Fat

Thanks to the standard North American diet of today, your belly is the area most prone to fat accumulation. It will remain that way for those of you who anyone refuse to make two essential lifestyle changes. Those two things will be revealed in a bit…

Belly Fat Can Make You Sick

I wrote this piece to help people understand that carrying around a lot of abdominal fat has very some detrimental health implications.  The undeniable truth is that carrying too much fat around your mid-section is dangerous to your health.

Scientists and doctors have discovered that it is not only unhealthy, but also related to different types of health risks.  Issues like increased heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes, colon cancer and even dementia, to name just a few.

So although you might want to lose belly fat fast, it is critical that it be done using a healthy approach.

Sure, you likely want to look better – and that might be your primary motivation.  But your overall health is of the greatest value, so don’t mess with it in your haste to look better.

When is it too much

For men, the dangMan_fat bellyer begins usually by having a waistline greater than 40 inches.  For woman it is believed to be the 35 inch marbelly_fat_womank by some researchers while others claim 33 inches to be the start of the danger zone.

If you are someone, who is carrying around excess belly fat and have already tried a number of weight loss supplements – don’t get discouraged or upset.  I’m here to share some real tips and best weight loss solutions. So, keep reading!

The truths is, there are two major areas you will need to focus on changing and improving in your life, otherwise you’ll never lose the fat successfully :

  1. Stress reduction
  2. Nutrition & dietary changes

Best Stress Reduction Technique

One of the best ways to reduce stress is with exercise.  I’ll focus on some of the best guidelines for exercising to reduce stress and support belly fat loss.

HIIT instead of steady paced cardio

Before explaining what HIIT is, I need to lay out an undeniable truth first.  In order to lose your belly fat, you’re going to lose body fat all over.  So best fat loss exercises for you to perform will engage your entire body.

It’s just not possible to lose fat from only one area.  You might lose more from certain zones, but you cannot spot lose your body fat.

Although you certainly can train certain body parts to make them stronger – but I’ll say it again – you cannot spot train to lose fat from one specific area.

One of the best ways to exercise for fat loss is to stick to a HIIT routine.  When it comes to cardio exercise – more is not more! Shorter more intense cardio is more.

High intensity interval training (HIIT) will help you lose fat faster than an hour on the treadmill or elliptical or whatever cardio training you might have been thinking of.HIIT abs exercise

How To HIIT Exercise

HIIT alternates between intense bursts of activity and periods of less-intense activity. For example, you start with a gentle 3-minute warm up. Then run as fast as you can for 30 seconds to 1 minute and then walk for 1 to 2 minutes. Repeat that same run/walk interval over again for a 20-30 minute body fat-blasting workout. End with 3 minutes of cooling down with stretches.  I know that might sound like it’s just too simple, but it is effective, and science has proven it.

One of the very first studies for HIIT was back in 1994. Researchers at Laval University (Canada) reported that the men and women they had following a 15-week HIIT program lost significantly more body fat than a their group following a 20-week continuous endurance program.

Studies Support HIIT

A more recent study from 2011, was presented at the American College of Sports Medicine Annual Meeting, to show that only 2 weeks of HIIT would improve your aerobic capacity as much as 6-8 weeks of endurance training.

There are numerous other studies to support HIIT but the point is this:  HIIT is better at dropping body fat than long, steady-paced cardio is because of the greater increase in resting metabolism following an HIIT workout.  I call that an after burn.

So if you are really motivated to burn off fat, you are better to perform two HIIT workouts lasting 20-30 minutes in a single day than to do one, long, steady paced workout.   Aim for doing a minimum of HIIT 3 times a week to a max of 6 times.  Give yourself at least one day of full rest and recuperation.

Yoga for Stress and Fat Reduction

ab exerciseSurprised?  Although you’re not really going to do any strenuous physical activity in yoga, it will still help you to lose belly fat in a very different way.

When you perform a yoga move and do there prescribed breathing, the level of stress will begin to subside in your body.  Stress causes the production of increased cortisol.  It’s a hormone in your body, which is triggered as a self-preservation measure.  Essentially, cortisol sends a message to your brain telling it to store fat in your midsection.

During the caveman era, stress was brought on by ficaveman exerciseght or flight situations and storing extra fat was necessary to help humans survive.  Today, stress stimulation is caused by different situations, yet your body still responds by creating cortisol and storing fat.  Yoga is a great help with reducing stress and countering cortisol production.  Moreover, there are many yoga moves which can help to strengthen your abdominal muscles.

Yoga beats stress and stops the release of cortisol with the help of breathing and stretching.  It calms down your brain and balances your blood pressure and heart beat. Different positions of yoga help you to tone your midsection, particularly and entire abdominal area.

Core Strengthening

Getting a flat and sculpted set of abs is going to take much more than a few sit-ups and a couple of walks each week. It takes challenging yourself, coming up with a plan and then sticking with it.

It also requires focus, dedication to your mission and discipline. Taking certain supplements can help you to speed up the process – but there is no magic pill to do the work for you.  You simply have to have the right eating plan and you need to grind out some exercising.

Crunches are a useful exercise and by far the most well-known of abdominal training techniques. Trouble is, crunches alone are not enough to work your entire abdominal region.  There are many other ways to exercise your abs too.

You can develop your abs and increase your core strength by performing vertical leg crunches and by using an exercise ball. Anytime you are challenging your balance you’ll engage your core and will develop those muscles.

ab glider

Ab Glider

Another option is to invest in some home equipment.  Many positive reviews have been given by users of the Ab Glider and Ab Coaster.  You might even complement your abdominal exercise routine by using a Slendertone belt.  Another option is to sign up for an effective system like Full Throttle Fat Loss.

The bottom line is this; some focused core training is required to get that super-toned looking mid-section once the fat has been blasted away.

Exercise + Nutrition

Once you come up with a good exercise plan, you’ll need to work that in conjunction with an eating plan.  I’ll discuss more about nutrition in my next article and also about the one, healthy supplement you might want to consider to help you burn fat more effectively.

Creating a routine to combine HIIT cardio, yoga and core strengthening exercises along with the right nutrition is the best fat loss plan to help you lose the most inches in the quickest way. This is the only way to make your fat loss both healthy and sustainable.

What’s the point in looking great if you feel terrible and have health problems…. Do yourself a favor and stay away from “diet pills”.  In the end, you will be grateful. To read some more great information about 7 odd foods that will kill abdominal fat click here.