Losing belly fat in the healthiest possible way became a big obsession over the past few years.

The belly fat issue is a very personal one for me.

Having too much soft stuff in the middle was my problem after hitting my mid-30’s.

Once I began digging for info on how to best get rid of it, I found that many other people shared the same struggle too.

Every year the belly fat issue seems to be a bigger and bigger problem. So much so that the search for real guidance,  helpful tips and true information has also been growing in demand.

I’ve been on the same quest as so many of you – to lose the suborn belly fat.  To get back to having a toned, hourglass looking figure instead of the apple on toothpicks shape!

However, I needed to figure out & understand why I seem to get more accumulation there on the abdominal area, more than on other zones of my body.

I needed to know why so I could implement long term and healthy methods to having a trim, flat tummy.

The good news is that I have found a lot of great information that helped me, and I am confident it will help many people who are on a similar quest.

Here You will find:

  • Useful articles on diet & nutrition. You will learn why standard approaches to diet nutrition like the food pyramid, low-fat or low-calorie do not address your complete nutritional needs and could even cause you to gain weight or become more unhealthy. You will also come to understand how lifestyle factors such as stress and exercise can both aid or inhibit your body
  • You’ll learn how hormones and lifestyle affect your ability to manage your weight, energy levels and your health – regardless of what you eat or how much you exercise.
  • How to improve your digestion so you will burn more fat, and rid yourself of stomach complaints like bloating, and release stored body fat as your energy improves.
  • Hot topics like the latest trends & products, as well as news and information from the health, diet and fitness worlds.

So stick with it.  I was able to figure out what works for me and I hope you will find the same.