Adonis Golden Ratio System – a Complete Review

Adonis Golden Ratio System Review

adonis bodyThis is a specially formulated fitness, body sculpting, and nutrition system for men.

Men’s Health Magazine called this system “The Perfect Body Formula” – so I thought it was worthy of checking into.

The claim is that this program is designed to achieve the maximum fat loss and also gaining the right amount of muscle to achieve a solid, balanced, V-taper physique.

In my review you’ll read about:

  • the credentials of its designer and creator
  • how the system is structured
  • the pros and cons of this plan
  • link to see what actual users of it have said

By the end of reading this, you should be able to decide if this program is suitable for you.


The Designer & Creator of this Male Body-Shaping Plan

The author and creator of the Adonis Golden Ratio system (I’ll call it AGRS from here on) is John Barban.  John is known to be a world class expert in Nutrition, Physiology, Biology and has even taught Human Performance at the University of Florida.

His own body is a living testimonial that if you follow what he does, you can get his same results.

This custom nutrition and body shaping program for men is the result of over 10 years of extensive research into fitness training and nutrition.

He found the way to get around bad genetics to create the ideal male body. This is not just about losing weight.

That’s mainly how AGRS differs from most other programs out there because it’s designed to help you create the ideal body shape.

In fact, if you don’t need to lose fat or even if you’re skinny, this is meant for you as well. The ideal physique is built using the mathematics of the Golden Ratio.

That kind of blows my mind!

So keep reading to see if this makes any kind of sense to you…

How the Adonis Golden Ratio 12 Week System Works

AGRSmobileappStep # 1 – Get Measured

There’s a saying I have lived by for most of my adult life: “What gets measured gets done“.  So it’s an important step to start off by taking some body measurements.

You’ll be measuring your waist and shoulders per the instructions are provided in the program. After you have your measurements, you can then decide which fitness route you want to take.

You can choose to lose excess fat or gain muscle mass and even do both. In fact, the AGRS shows you exactly how to achieve that.

The beauty of the system is their software app where you enter your waist and shoulder measurements, along with your age, height, and current weight, to generate a customized plan.

This data will be used to generate your very own, special blueprint that you are to follow to achieve your desired goal.

AGRSNutritionGuidesmlStep #2 – The Diet and Nutrition Component

The AGRS custom nutrition program is designed to give you daily and weekly guidelines for food choices, macro-nutrients, and calories based on your blueprint calculations.

It includes a comprehensive information manual as well as customized proprietary nutrition software. I love how technology is leveraged with this system!

You will use the software once a week to generate a fresh new nutrition and eating guide.  The guide along with the recommendations are specifically tailored to your body and the changes it’s going through.

You’ll also discover which “cheat foods” you can eat and when to eat them to actually boost your metabolism and ignite new muscle gains.

AGRStraining1_book-192x300Step #3 – The Fitness Training and Workouts

This refers again to the special blueprint created for you at the beginning.

You’ll get a customized whole body workout plan designed to sculpt & shape you into having the most appealing and proportioned body.

There’s a workout selector calculator which is meant to be referred to once a month to generate a new workout program for you to follow.

As a part of the program, you’ll have access to over 100 instructional exercise videos.  Each one will demonstrate the proper exercise form (very critical) and supply you with guidance on what muscle groups each exercise is working.

The training manual and the nutritional guide comes to you in 2 downloadable PDFs. The videos and software are only accessible online to those who purchased the system.

Your tailored workout program will works in synergy with the eating plan to provide a comprehensive eating and exercise strategy.  The overall goal is to help you build an ideally proportioned, symmetrical, lean and muscular body.

AGRS appStep #4 – Mobile App and Tracking Support

I think this is a really awesome way to support and aid your success by proving a comprehensive mobile app. This way you can keep the entire program at your fingertips at all times.

This is really useful to keep you on track at home, the gym, or on the road. You’ll be able to access the nutrition plan and software, as well as the workouts and instructional videos.

You’ll even have the ability to interact with other Adonis members in a private membership community as well as track and analyze your progress. Using the online forum will offer you the valuable motivation that you’ll need.

After all, it’s human nature to slack off or totally fail when you try to go it alone. This is why the forum is such a great source for support.

The mobile app ensures that AGRS will be with you whenever you need it. It’s like keeping your personal trainer and support group in your pocket at all times.

Get Special Advice on the Best Supplements

Rest assured that taking supplements is NOT necessary or required to achieve amazing results with AGRS.

However, by taking the right ones and using them in the right way can actually accelerate your results.

Not all supplements are the same and there are only a few that you can benefit from. John Barban is an expert in that field and he will show you exactly which ones, as well as how and when to use them.

He shares things like:

  • Why most protein supplements are a waste of money and even a health danger
  • The only 2 supplement brands to fully win his trust after 18 years in the industry
  • The #1 fat burner that actually works
  • How to save at least 24% off of the retail price all the time
  • How & where to go to make your own supplements for pennies

Three Extra Bonuses

Bonus # 1 is the Abs and Arms Assault guide.  Just like it sounds, this is a number of arm workout movies that will help you build awesome ‘pipes’.  Although your waist and shoulders are the primary parts to define your ideal shape, having powerful arms are equally important in the overall visual impression you give someone.

Bonus # 2 Lifetime of Unlimited Upgrades. Since new techniques and ideas keep developing over time, if that should happen with AGRS you will have access to any updates at no extra charge.

Bonus  # 3 is called the ‘7 Days Out’, which was contributed by fitness guru Kyle Leon. It’s his 7-day plan for losing up to 15 pounds. Kyle shares some of his secret tips which may seem like over-the-top, but according to him – they work.


The Good and the Bad About Adonis Golden Ratio

The Pro’s

  • very thorough and customized to you, not a one-size-fits-all approach
  • has clear objectives with detailed steps to do to achieve those objectives
  • is a ‘tried and tested’ fitness program backed by thousands of positive user testimonials
  • the private online forum offering support & motivations from guys just like you
  • advanced muscle building techniques for a balanced & sculpted physique
  • suitable for men of all fitness levels as well as body types
  • 60 Days Money Back Guarantee makes this risk free to try

The Con’s

  • if you’re a complete newbie to lifting weights then you might feel a bit confused about some things when you first join, but many of the answers are in the forum
  • if you are looking to use this to train and become more fit for a specific sport, this might not fit with your performance goals
  • if you want a really big bodybuilder physique to get freakin’ huge, then this isn’t for you


Bottom Line:

Whether you’re overweight, average or even a bit muscular already, this system is about creating the most attractive and ideal body shape for a man.

But there is a better way to get this kind of body.

You can get an awesome workout and nutrition plan to build your perfect Adonis body with FitStep’s Metabolic Surge.   It will help you to get the body you want.

They can help you get super-buff looking by losing fat and building muscle.

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