The Diets That Work for Women

best diets for women

With so many weight loss plans, which ones actually work best for WOMEN?

I know I felt overwhelmed when looking through the countless weight loss ads, books, diet pills, body wraps and so on…

It all just made me feel lost and confused… so I began to research… ’cause that’s one thing I like to do.

Now you can benefit from all I learned and have to share with you

Many of the highly commercialized diets stink.

They really just succeed at making life miserable with counting calories, or tracking points or buying their special shakes and food.

But there ARE some good ones out there.

I can tell you from my personal experience, and also the experience of some of my close friends, that the Paleo way of eating is one real gem.

The paleo way of eating works!

Plus the paleo lifestyle includes a great way to eat and tone up your body.

Now what ultimately defines a diet that works from one that doesn’t is how well the plan diet fits YOUR lifestyle, goals and commitment.

That might mean paleo is not appealing to you… and that is perfectly fine.

There are other effective diets, and coming up you are going to find out which those are.

2017 Best Diet Picks for Women

Every year, without fail, many new diet plans come out.

They will often claim to have special NEW techniques or tricks or SECRET new foods that will trigger a great big fat meltdown!

But the truth is… what has worked in the past few years will still work now.

Sure, there has been some myth busting in the last 10 years, but mostly it is perceptions that change.

The core fundamentals of losing fat hasn’t changed.

Weight Loss Diets That Work for Women

Here are some other popular diet plans which work great for women.


THE PALEO DIET: Great for belly fat loss. Paleo is based on eating more like the ancient cave-women did.

You start by cutting out all unnatural processed foods and grains with the focus on eating what was available at the time.

This includes animal protein (meat, poultry, fish), eggs, fruit, nuts, seeds & certain vegetables. Discover more here.



Learn how to lose the fat and keep the weight off for good. No calorie counting. Just a simple cycle of timed food consumption.

It’s based on your genetic code which is hardwired to go without food for certain periods of time.

Nevermind grazing all day.

What you really need is to know how long the optimal short fasting period is. That will trigger the fat burning hormone to come to life. Discover more here.


THE KETO DIET: If you don’t mind going super low carb and eating way more protein and fats.

This system will get you losing fat, but by diet alone. However, nutrition is 80% of fat loss. Exercise will get you toned and healthy. To burn off the fat first and fast: Discover more here.

While each of these diets has been backed by umpteen testimonials and scientific evidence, the best diet for you will be the one that best fits your lifestyle and personality.

The Key to Successful Dieting and Fat Loss

The problem with fad diets (example: cabbage soup diet) is not that you won’t lose weight on them.

You would.

But you can’t stay on them, so they don’t give you sustainable fat loss.

And they’re just not healthy.

You need a diet that will show you how to keep your skinnier self AFTER you have lost all of the fat you have wanted to lose.

A great program will teach you how to eat to prevent future fat gain.

It will help you discover foods that will keep you lean and make you healthier.

In addition to looking better, you will feel better and have more energy too.

Our Best Dieting Tips

Convert to Eating Healthy: Focus on eating right most of the time. You can be free to splurge once in a while on anything you want.

Just be ‘good’ most of the time and don’t waste your thoughts on counting calories. Adopt healthy habits that last.

Don’t Do Crash Diets: Usually, those will require you to starve or overly deprive yourself of calories. You don’t need to do that!

In fact, it can cripple your metabolic rate over time and actually make fat loss more difficult. Focus on a healthy diet that advocates nutrient-dense foods that will support fat loss and better health.

Every Woman is Different: Each of you is unique which is why not every plan works for every woman. You all have different bodies, goals and preferences.

This is why you might need to try and experiment with a few different plans and systems until you figure out which one works best for you.

Don’t Feed Your Emotions: Once in a while we all get the blues. Learn what your emotional and mental triggers are that can cause you to crave the bad stuff.

Or to overeat.

Part of that is being mindful of what you put in your mouth while you eat and taking the time to have a proper meal.

Keep Track: You can either do that online or do it the old-school way with a diary. Keep a log of what you are eating, your measurements and also of how you FEEL.

This gets you started on being more mindful of what you eat and do each day, plus it’s something neat to look back on later.

You might also consider using a gadget like a FitBit which connects via Wi-Fi to a mobile app and has multiple online tools – like food tracking.

Start Moving: Like it or not, exercise is a VERY important part of a healthy lifestyle. Sure, 70% to 80% of fat loss is due to diet, which means the other 20-30% is thanks to exercise.

Plus you can only get a tight and toned body with exercise.

No amount of dieting will get you toned.

Just aim to get moving for at least 20 minutes every day.

And you should also avoid sitting for extended periods of time. If you have a desk job, try to get up and move around a little bit every 20 minutes.

The Bottom Line

best diet women

Getting started always seems to be the hardest part. Just go ahead and check out all of the diet plans suggested – then pick one.

And just do it!!

Do it for a new and better YOU…

It won’t be any surprise that when you look really good (to yourself) you will also feel really good.

Physical health and feelings of happiness are closely linked. So think about your long term weight loss goals as well as your overall health.

You’ll be really glad you did in 10, 20 or 30 years from now!