How to Lose Man Boobs and Belly Fat Faster

Getting Rid of Moobs and Losing the Belly Fat


The difficulty for eliminating man boobs – or excess chest fat – seems to be a growing problem. I first published this post back in 2013 in response to the large number of young men who kept reaching out to me regarding these two specific trouble zones.

Here we are now in 2017, and there continues to be tremendous focus on fat loss from the chest and belly.

In fact, the percentage of young men looking to improve their chest area and also stomach fat seems to be a growing demographic instead of a shrinking one.

Well, there is real hope to resolve this!

In most cases, the problem has more to do with guys not knowing what to do and/or just not following through when they get the right information.

Hundreds of men have been able to achieve their desired fat loss and body sculpting goals after reading this article and then applying the advice given.

Whether you are a teen, a young man or even an older dude... what you discover here will guide you to losing moobs and belly fat faster than you could on your own.

But YOU must take action in order to change your body.

It won't happen unless you make the required changes.

If you are in a big hurry, you can take the short-cut to getting a more manly chest with an all encompassing moob targeted program here: How to Lose Man Boobs Faster.

Or, keep reading on...

What this Moobs & Belly Fat Article Covers:

  • Unique modern day issues contributing to these problem areas
  • How it all starts from a young age
  • Male hormone balancing - Testosterone and Estrogen
  • Fastest way to lose moobs and belly fat
  • 4 essential keys to getting on the right path and permanently losing man boob fat

Moobs - A Modern Day Phenomenon

Year after year, the increasing development of male chest fat is becoming a growing issue among young men does not really surprise me. Cases of "moobs" are on the rise around the world and undoubtedly paralleling the increase of obesity rates.

It's happening in part because of the decline of sufficient exercise but mostly because of the effect of diet and amount of pesticides in many food products.

Pesticides play a part (sometimes quite significantly) in disrupting proper hormone balances.

Other lifestyle choices made by young men are another big issue.

One biggie is the lack of fitness activity.

When I think about my teenage nephews I worry for them - both are totally into gaming and other sedentary activities instead of getting outside and riding on their bikes or playing sports.

At the moment, both of my nephews are a pair of skinny "string beans". And although they do eat a pretty healthy diet – that may change as soon as they become more independent.

The problem is, they've developed the habit of not being active!

If they follow the same path as many other young men and fail to change their ways for the better during their teen years, they'll likely look soft and mushy by their 20's instead of being toned and becoming more 'manly'. Especially if they start eating more fast foods when they're hanging out with friends.

How and Why Chest Fat & Belly Fat Start to Accumulate

Many young fellows who've not been physically active from a young age, and who also eat the wrong diet fall victim to this problem.

By eating too much processed food, regularly consuming beer & alcohol and performing little to no exercise - they are setting themselves up for excess belly and chest fat.

Not every guy living that way will become obese, but they could still be what I refer to as ‘skinny fat’. Like the guy in the photo, below.

Skinny fat people are not overweight in terms of the number of pounds or kilos showing up on the weigh scale.

It refers to those who are technically at an acceptable weight but they have some excess fat accumulation in certain areas like their chest and usually around their waistline.

Sadly, this is not the ideal male physique.

But more important than that – it's not healthy.

What do You Need to Do to Reduce the Fat in Those Areas?

Well, let's get into that...

But first off, you need to know that man boobs and belly fat will not go away fast with exercise alone.

The truth about fat loss is that at least 80% about what your nutrition.

In other words – what you eat and DON'T eat.

Check Into Hormonal Imbalance Issues

man breast

In many cases, man boobs are due to excess fat tissue covering your chest muscles.

To rule out other problems, check with your doctor to make sure you don't have an issue causing a really major hormonal imbalance.

However, most men eating a poor diet have at least a minor testosterone hormone issue.

It can be thrown out of whack simply by ingesting too many BPA's (chemical compound: BisphenolA) and GMO foods (genetically modified organism) like soy.

Now, don't be naive and think that this hormone issue is limited to older guys.

This problem has been increasing dramatically in young 20-something men at an alarming rate over the last 10 years.

If you want to read a more clinical article about Gynecomastia (medical term for enlarged breasts in men) caused by the imbalance of both the estrogen and testosterone hormones, you can do so by clicking here: Mayo

Low Testosterone is NOT Just an Age Related Problem

Having low testosterone and too much Estrogen (induced and worsened by BPA's & GMO's in our food and environment) also does affect your ability to gain or even maintain muscle mass.

So if you are working out to reduce fat and build muscle - this problem is working against your efforts.

It's hormonal SABOTAGE!

I'll bet many of you don't know that as soon as a man is done with puberty, his body begins to make less testosterone!

Although the most dramatic declines typically happen between the ages of 40 & 50, recent studies show this is now starting to happen in men as young as 25 years old...


Again, this is likely due to what you eat and environmental factors.

So... thanks to things like processed/fast foods, drinking too much alcohol and consuming foods laden with pesticides (contains synthetic estrogen) a young guy's testosterone is taking an even bigger a hit if he eats and drinks the wrong mix of food and drink.

Thankfully, there are natural supplements you can take to help with that.

It may be time for you to think seriously about using a quality natural supplement that will naturally boost your body's ability to produce enough of the testosterone hormone.

You see, testosterone works to prevent and reduce man boobs when it's at optimal levels.

One respectable brand is Testogen which is a high quality natural testosterone boosting supplement. It can stimulate a natural increase of testosterone production from 30 to 50%.

And even if you don't go through the trouble of checking how low yours may have dropped, you can still safely take a unique natural supplement like TestoGen (read our full product review here: TestoGen Review ) or a slightly different formula with a built in fat-burner found in the  more aggressive Gynectrol formula.

The Gynectrol supplement is better suited to the guys looking to burn off a lot of fat. It's made of a natural proprietary blend with testosterone boosting Sclareolide and also has potent fat burner ingredients. The fat burning aspect of this one is a really awesome added benefit. 

Their unique formula is designed to attack the low testosterone issue AND boost fat burning. It's like getting 2 products in 1.

You can read more details about Gynectrol in our review: Gynectrol- Does it Get Rid of Man Boobs?

In addition to helping reduce man boobs, having optimal testosterone levels will also deliver many, many other benefits like:

  • increasing muscle mass
  • losing more overall body fat
  • having boosted energy
  • improved concentration & focus
  • sexual stamina

What's the Fastest Way to Lose Man Boobs and Belly Fat?

lose man boobs and belly fat

To see the most rapid body changes, studies show that you need to implement a complete strategy to hit it 4 ways:

  1. Follow a specific nutrition plan
  2. Use correct fitness methods and style of exercise routine
  3. Taking the right natural supplements to balance hormones and stimulate lean muscle growth
  4. Supplement with a potent fat burner

Ultimately, to create the most masculine looking chest and torso you need to have all 4 of the above points lined up as they will work together synergistically to lose the fat, build up muscle tone and sculpt the right shape in short order.

You can still lose chest and belly fat without taking any supplements... it will just take longer.

There is an excellent program by John Barban, a fitness and nutrition specialist.  He spent 8 years in the supplement industry producing formulas for the likes of MuscleTech and other high profile companies.

His program shows you how to revive and optimize your master male hormone, TESTOSTERONE, to burn fat away faster and shaping your body with muscle by following his methods. 

He starts by sharing which 5 foods you must avoid.

Although John does say that you don't need to use supplements, they will help you to realize results faster.

Now, it's important to point out that it can take as long as 5 months or much longer to lose all of the chest fat, and longer still to lose your belly by just using his methods and not taking supplements.

But hang tight... I'll get into his system further down this page.

The advice offered to you from this article would be incomplete without pointing out the most powerful natural supplements you should consider. The top two options to stimulate the most rapid results are TestoGen and Gynectrol as was mentioned earlier on this page.  You owe it to yourself to read about them.

Losing Excess Chest & Belly Fat Faster and Successfully

It's important to know that it's just not possible to target one area and burn fat locally. Spot reduction cannot be done!

losing chest fat

But you CAN specifically body-sculpt areas of muscle using the correct weight bearing exercises.

In order to see the sculpted muscle, you've got no other choice but to reduce your overall body fat composition to lose the excess belly fat and the man boobs.

Coming up are some powerful tips you can use to instantly make a difference in your fat loss and shedding it faster.

The better you are at sticking with these and following them 100% of the time, the faster you will manifest your desired results.

4 Keys to Successfully Losing Moobs

Key# 1 -Eat Healthy Whole Foods
lose chest fat diet

Nutrition is SUPER important.

Eating hollow calories starves your body and makes you crave more of the bad foods. Excess fat concentrated on the chest and stomach areas are almost always the result of too much junk food + wrong foods which contain tons more empty calories than whole foods.

Sugar, deep fried and processed/packaged foods are a big part of that.

Packaged & processed foods are likely made from GMO foods and contain soy which can lead to a ingesting a disruptive amount of estrogen (the female hormone).

So you'll want to cut soy out of your diet as much as you can. Be sure to read food labels to check for it.

Also, eliminate sugar and cut it out almost 100% if you can.

Look at and read every label to check for it and don't eat anything with fructose, dextrose, glucose (all ingredients ending with ‘ose’ are a form of sugar).

If you eat lot’s of bread and pasta – STOP!

Cut out wheat!!!

Instead, eat only the specific starchy carbohydrates that actually help burn fat. Include them in with your morning and lunch meals.

You will lose chest and belly fat faster by eating the right lean proteins with the right food combinations.

Improving your diet can lead to an 80% improvement in body fat reduction.

Yup! That's how critical it is.

Important things to note:

  1. Cut sugar from your diet
  2. Stop eating wheat
  3. Eliminate all soda & fruit juice, plus other bad drinks
  4. Drink the right amount of water for YOUR body
  5. Consume lots of the fat burning greens
  6. Choose the right protein packed foods (not just meats)
  7. Eat the right amount of times per day at correct intervals
Key #2 - Build Up Muscle from Top to Bottom
lose moobs exercise

Even adding just a little bit of muscle will dramatically help you to burn more fat and will improve the shape of your body.

Be sure to focus on the large muscle groups.

To build muscle and improve the of shape your chest, doing only certain chest exercises, and only in a very specific way - will help a great deal.

More overall Muscle = more RAPID overall Fat Burning

Include more compound exercises in your fitness routine which will burn way more calories than isolation exercises. Plus, they will also boost your levels of fat-burning hormones like testosterone and growth hormone.

Compound exercises will help you to burn more fat while building strength at the same time.

Examples of compound exercises include deadlifts and lunges. If you do these along with several other critical exercises, you'll be getting an effective workout for your upper and lower body.

But you have to get the fitness routine exactly right!

Do NOT do any long, steady cardio if you want faster fat loss. There's a specific time limit to avoid so you don't trigger Cortisol. Plus you will need to work out with the right intensity - that’s what counts most to burn fat.

Getting this exercise plan right is very important so you don't sabotage yourself.

If you don't want to guess at getting it right or do a ton of independent research, you can get all the critical specifics with a targeted male fat loss program like: John Barban's AGR

It's also important to have a certain number of rest days after the specifically intense days of working out. It's during those rest days when your body's tissues recover that actual muscle growth takes place.

Key #3 - Keep Your Posture in Check

Sitting behind a computer all day can tighten your chest muscles and cause slouching shoulders which will then make your man boobs and belly look worse.

This is similar to how excessive sitting can cause your hip muscles to tighten and your belly to look bigger as a result. Learn how to maintain proper posture and make it a habit to sit and walk without slouching.

I realize this may sound stupidly simple - but it works!

Stand in front of a full length mirror, adjust your posture and you will see it for yourself.

Do all these things correctly and you will find they will work really, really well.

Key #4 - No Overexercising

BEWARE of this BIG mistake!

You need to start losing fat before working out your chest area too much.

I mentioned the nutrition part earlier in this post. Guys, it's EXTREMELY important to eat AND exercise correctly. In fact, for the first few months, it's THE most critical part of losing man boobs.

Now... do you know how much exercise is too much? If the answer is NO, then you should look into the programs mentioned in this post. They will put you on the right track and help you - big time!

I'll share this point again because it's SUPER important...

Do NOT over exercise your chest or do long cardio sessions.

There's a science and a balance to doing all of this for it to work right.

You need to use a routine with the correct work out techniques for at least month and you will see some results… and after 8 weeks you should be well on your way to transforming the way so many others have.

And so you don't sabotage yourself I do urge you to set yourself up with a detailed plan so you don't hit a wall or make yourself worse.

Nothing is more terrible than working hard just to get poor or NO results.

Agian - for all those reasons, I highly recommend that you hook yourself up with a unique program designed just for men.

Now, if you happen to have lot's of time, patience, and research know-how, you can eventually get some kind of plan together on your own. But that will likely take a bunch of trial and error attempts before figuring out what works.

That's the long path... perhaps never ending!

By simply stumbling upon too much misinformation that just confuses things and directs you away from the results you want - your journey to success can become a long one.

Or you can see exactly how to solve your man boobs and belly fat problem and take an already proven path to success. A system like AGR.

With the AGR system, you will discover:

  • which foods to avoid
  • how to eat for your age
  • eating a specific way depending on your body shape
  • how to tailor the plan for your goals

By controlling how, when and what you eat will reduce the bad effects that INSULIN is having on your testosterone. 

So why would you waste time stumbling about and making mistakes that delay your best results???

For a very low cost, affordable to almost anyone, you can get a complete guide to follow a proven plan.

It's from the renown Fitness Instructor and Nutritionist, John Barban. It is the plan he specifically formulated to transform and eliminate his own FAT!

I mean ... just think about how much you spend just on eating out or drinking with your buddies each week. How can you not throw a few bucks towards fixing your health and looking awesome???

To learn more about John's customized nutrition approach and exercise system - just click the button: 

The alternative choice you have is to decide you'll keep searching the web in hopes of finding all the right information without driving yourself crazy.

Inch by inch, you can get there guys.

Either by taking the painstakingly slow way or by the faster & proven one, you can transform.

how to lose moobs

It's totally up to you and the steps you decide to take after you're done reading this article.

You might choose to spend your money on some chicken wings and beer instead of taking real action.

It's your life... your choice...

You can close this page now or take a quick listen to learn about the special system developed just for men to transform your body into the perfect male physique.

Hit this link and watch the presentation now:

How to Finally Get the Body You Want with AGR

And no matter what path you choose to take - if you REALLY do want to change your body:

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