How to Get the Perfect Male Body

The Perfect Body is About Hitting the Golden Ratio

This is all about getting the ideal body proportions.

In case you didn't already know this, most women will vote for the fit and athletic look over big, beefy or even the very muscular looking men.

It's about having a masculine, fit and balanced look to the body.

We are talking mainstream here and just what statistics have shown based on a large pool of women's votes.

Regardless of that - what other guys think or what women think - it's extremely interesting the way the science of ratio & proportion comes into play in when we judge what is appealing.

It is also 100% TRUE... so take heed!

The Science Behind Getting Perfect Body Proportions

Let's just say that in general, the man with a perfectly shaped body will turn a lot more heads and get plenty of appreciation - plain and simple.

The goal for many guys would be to get double takes from passers by with the expression of 'wow, he's fine' look on their face!

Now lets talk more about something more concrete to go by.

Something you can actually measure.

You see, science gives us some very important numbers that have to do with something called the Golden Ratio (also known as Divine Proportion).

If you've never heard of the golden ratio before, here's what its mathematical value is: Φ = 1.618 033. This important ratio appears in art, architecture, geometry, and even the human body.

Golden Ratio and Your Body

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You will find this measurement turning up all over your body.

As an example, the length of the arms and legs, compared to the torso.

It defines what proportions look best or ideal.

Even when looking back hundreds of years, we find that artists and sculptors knew enough about the golden ratio to have used it when creating sculptures and artwork depicting the ideal human form.

Leonardo da Vinci's drawings of the human body emphasized it.

Now, during modern times, this ratio is used by surgeons to restructure the human face.

How you can apply this to shaping your body?

While it’s physically impossible to change your leg to torso ratio, what you can do is alter your shoulder to waist ratio.

In fact, this is what is most important if you want to build the perfect male body.

Science has shown over and over again that women are most attracted to a man with shoulders that are 1.618 times bigger than his waist.

As an example, let’s say you have a 34" waist and 48" shoulders. This would put your ratio at about 1.4117.

So to hit the golden ratio of 1.618, you would have to increase the size of your shoulders to about 55".

Alternatively you can work on slimming your waist down to 32" and increasing your shoulders to about 52".

Technically, that would produce the same ratio but the final physique would look drastically different.

Bottom line is this...

If you want what is considered the most attractive body to the opposite sex, you need to have a tight waist and also have shoulders which are broad enough.

adonis golden ratio review

Having sculpted broad shoulders implies strength and power.

A strong and powerful looking body makes a man's body more attractive to females.

If your goal is to build an impressive body with this ideal looking V-taper (broad shoulders and a narrow waist) you will definitely want to pay careful attention to the golden ratio.

What are the steps to take to get closer to perfect ?

First you need to determine if you need to focus more on fat loss or muscle building.

When you are primarily focused on losing fat, you'll want to target your waist measurement to fit the golden ratio as determined by your shoulder measurement.

If you’re trying to put on more muscle, focus on developing your shoulders to be 1.618 times your waist measurement.

A workout routine designed to build the perfect male body

So you now know that attaining the golden ratio between your shoulders and waist is the way to have the most physically attractive body possible.

But to achieve this ratio, you can’t just mindlessly workout at the gym the way that many guys do.

Doing lopsided training that focuses too much on just the front muscles (anterior) over the rear (posterior) muscles will just lead to unattractive imbalances.

And unattractive is not what you are after, right?

Improper training can lead you to having a rounded, forward-shouldered look that I am certain is not the look you have in mind.

Further more, it's very possible that it will also lead you to becoming injured at some point.

One of the best workout programs that’s specifically designed to help guys build a properly balanced shape using the golden ratio formula is a complete male body transformation system called the Adonis Golden Ratio.

In fact it's been referred to as “The Perfect Body Formula” for guys by Men’s Health magazine.

The Adonis system includes a software app that takes into account your current weight, height, waist, and shoulder measurements along with your age.

Using that information, it creates a custom program to guide you towards sculpting your own ideal physique.

It will give you instructions on what to eat, an exercise routine and weight training that will slo change as you progress through the program.

If you are tired of guessing at what to do...

And if you are eager to find a plan that will build the most attractive, the most balanced body that doesn't cost you a big pile of money...

Get the step by step, exact how to's that will show you how to broaden your shoulders and shrink your middle...

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