3 Week Diet Review - How Well Does it Work?

The 3 Week Diet

The 3 Week Diet promises a lot of weight lost in a short amount of time. It has been the hottest diet plan for the past year.  

This is a unique diet program created by Brian Flatt, who is apparently an acclaimed fitness trainer, sports nutritionist, and health mentor.

He based this system on what he found to be the most successful with his own clients.

Let's pick this diet program apart so you can discover if it will be good for YOU!

What You Get with 3 Week Diet Plan

The diet system is made up of 4 manuals:

  • Introduction Manual – This explains the science behind this diet’s effectiveness. It also covers what to do and what NOT to do when following this diet. There are also some recommended supplements and what they do to help with even faster fat loss results.
  • Diet Plan Manual – Here you will get the step by step instructions for calculating your BMR and how that is connected to what you must eat in order to lose fat faster. It explains what to eat, and when you eat.
  • Workout Manual – This gives detailed instructions on how to perform the Full Body Fat Blasting Workout. It includes diagrams and full instructions.
  • Mindset and Motivation Manual – You are given tactics to help keep you on track and motivated to stick with the diet and exercise. 

Losing 21 Lbs in Just 3 Weeks?

Okay... so 12 pounds sounds reasonable - but to lose 21 lbs of FAT in just 21 days? That seems like a heavy duty claim and I wanted to check into this further.

The Phases of the 3 Week Diet 

The 3 Week Diet could be described as a combination of a few different diets which have had great success in the past. It looks like what Brian has done is he's linked them together in one program to apply at different stages.

It starts off with detoxing the body. This lasts for the first 7 days.

After that phase, there is some fasting required. This will last for 24 hours. they have you start if before you go to bed to make it easier.

It then takes you into a couple of low carb eating phases which sounds like it will put your body into a state of nutritional ketosis. 

Let me point out that nutritional ketosis was an effective weight loss strategy with the Atkins diet, NHE diet, and the more recent Paleo diet. They all start off with extremely low-carb eating.

In phase 3 you are to eat 80% of your calories from FAT! This goes on for 3 days and will trigger your liver to burn fat.

Phase 4 goes from day 12 to 21 and your eating will be tailored by using your BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate)

How the 3 Week Diet Works

Nutritional ketosis is a metabolic process that kicks in when it doesn't have enough carbs from food to burn for energy, so it burns fat instead. As part of this process, it makes ketones which it otherwise would not.

But knowing how much to restrict carbohydrates and which ones to eat is very very key.

Getting that right is what really optimizes the rapid fat burning state.

You also need to keep your protein and fats at the right levels and at the right times.

In part, those are some of the big things the 3 Week Diet is designed to do, although it does not state that outrightly.

It just mentions affecting your hormones and how those fall in step with burning fat. This is true.

Now, like it or not, super rapid fat loss will not happen without exercise.

What and how you eat is only ever 70% of the solution. The other 30% is know how and how much to work out.

There are workout plans for those who are short on time and those who are able to do the full training sessions.

Some very specific abdominal exercises are included which are designed to sculpt 6-pack abs if that is part of your goal.

The exercise plan does include cardio and the optional use of weight training with dumbbells.

But with all the program comes with, the promise of losing 21 pounds in 3 weeks is quite extreme for the average person. It's not such a stretch if one is 100 lbs overweight, but if 25 or 30 lbs is all that needs to be lost overall, the time frame seems wildly fast. 

So Does it Actually Work?

In theory, this diet should work.

There is a wealth of scientific research to prove that  the correct method of low carb eating is effective for weight loss.

And personally, I can say I had success with a program which was in some ways similar to this one, the NHE diet ( Natural Hormonal Enhancement) and the corressponding HIE workout book (Hormonally Intelligent Exercise).

So by my own experience, I can say that plan does work.

By using NHE, I lost 6 pounds my first week, then 3 in the following two weeks. That's 12 lbs and my goal was to drop a total of 15 lbs.

I was able to hit my goal in a month.

But eating that way was tough to stick to.

And honestly, if you want to lose 21 lbs in 21 days, you’ll have to work out really diligently, use the weight training and avoid ANY cheating with the diet.

I believe it would also be affected by any health conditions or medications that could be messing around with your hormonal balance. 

Who Should Try 3 Week Diet?

  • You want to get quick fat loss results
  • You are tired of the mainstream diets which are time-consuming
  • You don't want to be hungry all the time and like eating fats
  • You hate doing long workouts every day, but you feel that you can do 20 minutes 3-4 times per week
  • Motivation to stick with it is hard for you so having the Mindset & Motivation manual would be a big help

Who Should Not Do This Program?

  • You are a vegan
  • You are a vegetarian who does not want to eat a lot of eggs for protein
  • You are a diabetic
  • You have a serious health condition and are taking medication for it - always check with your doctor first
  • You don't think you handle feeling really lousy for the first few days of the diet (trust me, you will)

Be Aware of all the The Upsells

Upsells are fine when there are not too many AND they offer some actual value.

If there are 2 or 3, that's quite enough. More than that gets really annoying.

So if you decide to go for this plan, be aware that you will get presented with EIGHT more add-ons. Ugh!!!!

The offerings will range from a Fat Burner, to a Greens supplements...

... and even a Diary Log meant to track your progress.

All these upsells are a pain and they are just cash grabs.

And advocating nicotine gum is going way, way too far in my optinion.

That was the ultimate turn off.

What Will this Diet Plan Cost You?

The regular price is $47, which is not a lot when you compare it to Jenny Craig or Weight Watchers plans. Plus it comes with a Money Back Guarantee

How Does it Come to You?

All the manuals are immediately available by electronic download in PDF format. No need to wait for anything to get mailed to you.

The Bottom Line for This Diet Plan

If you don't have any health conditions to prevent you from trying this program - and it really appeals to you, then you really have nothing to lose thanks to the money back guarantee.  See it here: 3 Week Diet

And you know... there is no ONE BEST fat loss plan.

There are many that do work.

The best one for you will be the one you are most likely to stick with.

But remember this: even the best plan on the planet will fail if you fail to do what is required.